Luss, a picturesque village located on the western shore of Loch Lomond, is a popular visitor destination in the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park. Known for its charming houses, breathtaking views, and rich history, parking within the village has been a primary concern for both tourists and residents. To address this issue and provide a pleasant experience for all, Luss Estates developed a car park catering to the needs of visitors.

The car park in Luss can accommodate around 250 vehicles, significantly easing the congestion in the village centre near the pier. Moreover, the introduction of vehicle registration cameras ensures that visitors have paid for the time spent in the car park and other parking facilities across the National Park. In addition to parking, the village offers a range of amenities such as a visitor centre, public toilets, gift shops, and cafes, ensuring that tourists and locals alike can find all they need for an enjoyable day out.

With the improved parking services and excellent facilities, Luss remains a must-visit destination on the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond. Visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of the landscape, whilst benefiting from the conveniences of modern car parking facilities and other amenities available in the village.

Car Parking in Luss Overview

Why Car Parking Matters

Car parking is a significant concern for both visitors and residents of Luss, a quaint village located on the shores of Loch Lomond. As a popular tourist destination, Luss experiences high volumes of traffic, particularly during the summer months. The village’s narrow streets and limited parking spaces can lead to congestion and difficulty finding suitable parking for visitors. Addressing the parking issue helps maintain the village’s charm and conserves its environment while providing a convenient solution for those wishing to explore the attractions in Luss.

Luss Village Layout

The layout of Luss Village is typical of a small conservation village, with its narrow streets lined with picturesque stone cottages and surrounded by lush greenery. The village’s traditional appearance and accessibility to the shores of Loch Lomond make it an attractive destination for tourists. However, this popularity also contributes to the car parking challenges.

Fortunately, Luss has addressed this issue with the construction of a new car park, managed by Luss Estates. Located just south of the village, the car park provides space for 250 cars. This modern facility is a significant addition to the existing parking infrastructure, reducing congestion in the village’s core and facilitating easier access for visitors to enjoy the beauty of Luss.

Please note that when using the south car park in Luss, visitors must properly input their car registration and the time spent parked; otherwise, they may risk receiving a £100 parking fine. Check the instructions carefully to avoid any misunderstandings

Parking Options in Luss

Public Car Parks

There is a new public car park located just south of Luss village, which opened in 2021. This car park is built and managed by Luss Estates, providing spaces for up to 250 cars. It is ideal for visitors as it’s near key visitor destinations across the National Park.

Additionally, there is a south car park in Luss, operated by Parking Eye. Please note, this car park uses a unique system: upon arrival, you are required to enter your registration number and the time you have been in the car park manually.

Street Parking

Limited street parking is available in Luss. You can find a few parking spots on the road leading down to Luss Pier, although they might fill up quickly, especially during peak times.

Private Parking Facilities

For those visiting the Luss Visitor Centre, there is a car park available at the centre itself. However, be aware that this car park operates under Parking Eye regulations – you will be timed based on the time your car enters the parking area, which may be different from other car parks you’ve experienced. To avoid misunderstandings, always ensure you are aware of the rules and regulations of any private parking facilities in Luss.

Car Parking Regulations and Charges

Luss Parish Council Rules

Luss, a small conservation village located on Loch Lomond, has faced increasing visitor numbers and resultant car parking issues over the years. To address this situation, in 2021, Luss Estates opened a new car park just south of the village, providing parking for 250 cars.

Parking Time Limits

Visitors to Luss can avail themselves of a 2-hour free parking facility available at the south car park. It is essential to be aware of any time limits, as overstaying in the car park can lead to £100 parking fines imposed by Parking Eye, the operator of the car park.

Paying for Parking

When parking in the south car park in Luss, visitors must provide their car registration number and manually input the time spent in the car park. It is crucial for visitors to accurately record their parking details to avoid fines.

Accessibility and Special Requirements

Disabled Parking Spaces

Luss offers accessible parking options for visitors with disabilities. According to, accessible parking spaces must be located on the shortest accessible route to the accessible entrance and must have access aisles. These requirements ensure that people with disabilities can easily enter and move through the village. The Luss car parks, Luss Visitor Centre (postcode G83 8PG) and Luss South (postcode G83 8NY), provide parking for 250 cars, and it’s important to comply with the United States Access Board’s regulations to accommodate disabled visitors.

Family Parking Spots

In addition to accessible parking options for disabled visitors, Luss car parks should also consider dedicating a portion of their parking spaces to family parking spots. These spaces are useful for parents with young children, as they typically offer extra width and are located closer to the village entrance, making it easier to unload and carry children, pushchairs, and other necessary items. Incorporating family parking spots within the Luss car parks can help cater to the diverse needs of the visitors, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable visit for all.

Alternative Transport Options

Public Transport

Luss has public transport options to help reduce car park congestion. While specific schedules may change over time, public transport services such as buses and trains can be a reliable and efficient way to travel to and around Luss. Check local timetables to plan your journey and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience.

Cycling and Walking Paths

Another excellent alternative to car travel in Luss is cycling and walking. The village provides a network of paths that are perfect for exploration on foot or by bike. Using these paths not only leads to a healthier lifestyle but also helps reduce traffic and demand for car parking spaces. Be sure to follow safety guidelines and use proper cycling or walking equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.