Maclaren Clan Origin: This clan is thought to come from the Argyll area and descended from Lorn, son of Erc in 503. But other recordings from the 12th century show the family line comes from Perthshire. Three clansmen claim the MacLaren name and they are: Maurice of Tyrie, Conan of Balquidder, and Lauring of Ardveche in Strathearn. The clan motto, “Creag on Tuirc” means ‘The Boar’s Rock.’ This rock can be found in Balquidder therefore, giving physical evidence that the clan didn’t come from Argyll but from the Balquidder area.

Clan Location: Argyll area

Maclaren Clan Motto: The Boar’s Rock Creag an Tuirc

Friends and Foe : The MacLaren’s were known for battling and creating enemies. The neighboring land was occupied by other families and the MacLaren’s would feud with whoever settled around. Eventually the MacLaren’s found friendship with the Stewarts,when John Stewart, Lord of Lorn, and a MacLaren daughter got married. Most MacLaren’s followed the Stewart’s of Appin, while others chose to follow the Murray’s of Athol. The MacLaren’s were driven off of their land after the MacGregor’s invaded due to the loss against the Campbell’s. The MacLaren’s were looking for safety and this came with a sacrifice. The Campbell’s must be looked upon by the MacLaren’s as feudal superiors.

The MacLaren Family Crest

Clan MacLaren Tartan

Battles of loyalty: The MacLaren’s were loyal men as they stood by James III in 1488 at the Battle of Sauchieburn, James IV in 1513 at the Battle of Flodden, and Mary Queen of Scots in 1547 at the Battle of Pinkie. It has been noted that MacLaren’s fell hard at the Battle of Culloden. Donald MacLaren of Invernenty was captured at Culloden and taken to prison but escaped and lived in secrecy in 1757. His lands at Balquidder were captured by other troops. Lord Lyon recognized John MacLaurin from a long line of family members who held land at Tyrie and thus granted him the families land of Creag an Tuirc.

Famous MacLarens

Donald Maclaren
Bill MacLaren: Scottish Rugby Union Commentator
Malcolm MacLaren

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