Napier Clan Origin: One story suggests the clan is derived from the ancient royal families of Scotland and Ireland.  It is believed that the officer in charge of the linens, called the “naperer”, took the occupational name. Another tale tells the Napier name came when a young knight of Earl of Lennox illustrated himself at a battle during the reign of William the Lion. As the battle came to an end, the king honored the young night as having “nae peer.”

Clan Location: Dunbarton

Napier Clan Motto: Without Stain (Sans Tache)

The first time the Napier name appears in records was in 1280 when John De Napier is recorded as receiving lands in Dunbartonshire from an ancient Earl of Lennox. The Napier clan was able to keep these lands until 1820.

The Napier Family Crest

Clan Napier Tartan

Clan History : William of Napier became governor of Edinburgh Castle in 1401. His son Alexander of Napier was Provost of Edinburgh in 1437. Alexander owned the lands of Merchiston. His son, Sir Alexander Napier of Merchiston was made comptroller by James II in 1440 when he was injured trying to save King James I widow. By 1461 he had held many other authoritative positions such as Provost of Edinbugh and Vice-Admiral of Scotland.  The Napier family was looked highly upon by royals and this was almost lost when Sir Alexander Napier died without any wife or kids. However, the title was sent over through the female line to the Scotts of Thirlestane. Throughout the years the lands of Gartness and Rusky, as well as some others, were obtained by Napiers. Napiers fought at Flodden and Pinkie where some men were lost.

Famous Napiers

The 7th Laird of Merchiston John Napier is known for developing logarithms. It was his son Archibald who accompanied James VI to London, England when he became King. Archibald held many titles such as Member of the Privy Council judge, Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland from 1623 to 1624, Baron of Nova Scotia, and Baron Napier of Merchiston.  Thirlestane Castle Misc.Branches of the Napier clan were said to be seated at Thirlestane castle with titles of Lord of Napier and of Ettrick Six British generals and one admiral carried the Napier name in the Napoleonic Wars During the American War of Independence, the 8th Lord Napier was captured Napier’s can be traced to areas near Stirling and Gartmore. There are no other family names belonging to the Napier clan; it is a very small clan.

The Napier Clan has no family dependants