Pine Ridge is located in the Loch Achray Forest half way round the 3 Lochs Drive. These tracks are partly a remnant of a former way-marked cycle system in this forest which no longer exists. Nevertheless, the tracks remain in place and are a short extension of cycling the 3 Lochs Drive which in itself is a great route to cycle starting from The David Marshall Lodge.

These short routes can be accessed by entering the forest from the exit of the 3 Lochs Drive or as mentioned, cycling the whole route from the Visitor Centre. Either way, they are good routes if you like short steep climbs with exhilarating downhills.

Cycle Maps

The above maps have been provided courtesy of the Forestry Commission Scotland. Most routes are suitable for cyclists and walkers. Please click on the icon to show an enlarged map, information on the difficulty of the route, footwear etc.

From the car park, on a firm path surface, the trail takes you through mature woodland along the side of Loch Drunkie. Enjoy the tranquility of the forest and the views across the loch. In contrast try the interactive sound sculptures along the way. As the path leaves the loch shore it climbs gently before returning to the car park through a mature stand of spruce trees.

The path initially follows the Red Route through mature woodland, along the banks of Loch Drunkie and past the interactive sound structures. Where the path leaves the Red Route it continues to follow the loch for a short distance before gently rising through a stand of large conifers to join the Forest Drive.

Important Message from the Forestry Commission Scotland:

Many of the Forestry Commission Scotland’s trails and forest roads are suitable for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Please show consideration and courtesy to everyone you meet. Some trails and paths are less suited to cyclists and horse riders because of the gradients and surfaces. Please behave responsibly in helping us to maintain these routes. Please remember also that forests are working landscapes and that forestry vehicles also use these roads.