Loch Lomond is a stunning destination in Scotland, offering picturesque scenery and a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy. Among the many attractions in the area, there are a handful of charming pubs and bars that are well worth a visit. These establishments often boast remarkable views of the surrounding natural beauty and provide the warm hospitality that Scotland is known for.

One such popular pub in the Loch Lomond area is The Glenroy Bar, located in Balloch. Known for its inviting atmosphere, this venue offers both Indian and British cuisine and has received high praise from visitors. Another iconic pub is The Drovers Inn, situated at the top of Loch Lomond on the A82 to Crianlarich. This historic inn not only serves up delicious food and beverages but has also been named by The Scotsman as one of Scotland’s most haunted pubs.

If you’re looking for a loch-side experience, The Balloch House Pub & Restaurant is another excellent option. With a history dating back to the 1700s and once hosting royalty and celebrities, this establishment offers unbeatable views of Loch Lomond and the surrounding area, making it a favourite amongst locals and visitors alike.

History and Culture

Historic Pubs

Loch Lomond, a freshwater Scottish loch, has a rich history and some of the oldest pubs in Scotland. One such historic pub is The Drovers Inn, which was awarded the Best Pub in 1705. The Inn offers a wide range of Scottish whiskies, draught lagers and ales, and other spirits to quench your thirst during your visit.

Another notable pub in the Loch Lomond area is The Clachan Inn in Drymen. Said to be one of the oldest pubs in Scotland, it has a fascinating connection to Scottish folk hero Rob Roy MacGregor, as the first licensee of the establishment was his sister, Mistress Gow.

Local Pub Culture

Pubs near Loch Lomond provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for locals and visitors alike. Many of these establishments serve traditional Scottish fare, often featuring locally sourced ingredients, as well as a variety of drinks such as whiskey, beer, and ale.

The pub culture in Loch Lomond is not only about the drinks and food, but also about the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local history and admire the natural beauty of the surrounding area. The Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park offers plenty of activities and attractions, such as visiting the historic castles and ancient monuments that tell the story of clans and battles.

In summary, a visit to the pubs in the Loch Lomond area offers a chance to experience a blend of history, culture, and the natural beauty of the Scottish landscape.

Popular Loch Lomond Pubs

Waterfront Pubs

The Inn on Loch Lomond is a stylish 19th-century establishment located near the towns of Luss and Tarbert. The hotel boasts modern facilities, such as free Wi-Fi and a sleek design that retains the charm of a traditional Scottish Inn.

One popular waterfront pub option is The Drovers Inn. This historic Loch Lomond Hotel offers a fantastic atmosphere and is not to be missed. It is located at the top of the lake on the A82 to Crianlarich.

Village Pubs

In the village of Balloch, you’ll find The Glenroy Bar. Offering a cracking atmosphere, this is a great place for a christening party or simply drinks with friends. Serving both Indian and British cuisine, it’s sure to cater to a variety of tastes.

Another village pub worth a visit is The Restaurant at Ardeonaig Hotel. Located in the small settlement of Ardeonaig, this British-European restaurant receives praise for its excellent service and will not disappoint with its food options.

Country Pubs

For those looking for a more rural experience, The Cabin is a small countryside bar. Although there are limited reviews available, its charming atmosphere is certainly worth checking out as you enjoy the surrounding Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park.

Memorable Pub Experiences

Live Entertainment

Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park offer a variety of pubs with live entertainment. One such pub is The Glenroy Bar in Balloch, offering a cracking atmosphere for visitors. Local talents often grace the stage, providing you with an authentic taste of Scottish music and culture.

Local Food and Drink

A trip to Scotland would be incomplete without indulging in their delectable local food and drink. Pubs like The Restaurant at Ardeonaig Hotel offer British and European cuisine coupled with a wide selection of beverages. This establishment emphasises inviting ambience, quality food and friendly staff, ensuring your dining experience is unforgettable.

  • Traditional Scottish dishes: Some pubs serve up the best Haggis and other authentic Scottish delights
  • Local beers: Sample exceptional local brews that have been perfected over centuries
  • Whisky collections: Embark on a tasting journey with a range of fine scotch whiskies on offer

Scenic Views

The picturesque landscape of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park serves as the perfect backdrop for pubs with scenic views. The Cabin offers patrons a unique atmosphere and the opportunity to enjoy the captivating natural beauty of the region. Take in the breathtaking vistas while sipping on a refreshing drink, creating memories that will last a lifetime.