lake of menteith

The Lake of Menteith, also known as Loch Inchmahome, is a unique body of water situated in the Carse of Stirling, the flood plain of the upper reaches of the rivers Forth and Teith, upstream from Stirling in Scotland. Interestingly, it is considered Scotland’s only lake due to its naming, as the majority of the country’s bodies of water are referred to as lochs.

The mystery surrounding its name contributes to its charm, as the body of water was known as the Loch of Mentieth until the 19th century for no apparent reason. Visitors to the lake can enjoy its picturesque surroundings and the feeling of tranquillity that pervades the area. Among the lake’s notable historical features is Inchmahome Priory, situated on an island within the lake, which dates back to 1238 and has connections to significant figures such as Mary Queen of Scots and Robert the Bruce.

With its rich history and stunning natural beauty, the Lake of Menteith serves as an alluring destination for tourists and locals alike. Whether taking a leisurely walk around its shores or visiting the captivating ruins of Inchmahome Priory, this exceptional lake offers an unforgettable experience for all who venture to its shores.

The Lake of Menteith’s Location and Geography

The Lake of Menteith, also known as Loch Inchmahome, is situated in the Trossachs region of Scotland.

Specifically, it is located on the Carse of Stirling, the floodplain of the upper reaches of the rivers Forth and Teith, just upstream from Stirling. The picturesque lake holds the unique distinction of being the only body of water in Scotland that is referred to as a lake, rather than a loch.

The Lake of Menteith has a few islands within its waters, the most notable of which is Inchmahome. This island contains the historic Inchmahome Priory, a medieval monastic site dating back to 1238. The priory once served as a refuge for significant figures in Scottish history, such as Mary Queen of Scots and Robert the Bruce.

The History of Lake Menteith

Prehistoric Remains

The Lake of Menteith, also known as Scotland’s only lake, has a rich prehistoric past. Archaeological finds in the area reveal human settlements dating back several millennia, providing valuable insights into early life around the lake. Excavations have uncovered tools, pottery, and other artefacts that testify to the inhabitants’ ability to adapt and thrive in this environment. These ancient people relied on the lake’s abundant fish resources, fertile lands, and accessible waterways to build a sustainable way of life.

Sir Walter Scott

During the 19th century, the Lake of Menteith gained literary fame through the works of Scottish author Sir Walter Scott. Scott featured the lake in his classic novels and poems, adding romantic, historical, and legendary dimensions to its allure. The landscape’s serene beauty and picturesque islands captivated the author, whose vivid descriptions of the lake and its surroundings attracted visitors and sparked greater interest in the area. Today, the Lake of Menteith remains an enduring source of inspiration for writers, artists, and nature enthusiasts alike.

Rob Roy

The Lake of Menteith also played a significant role in the life of the infamous outlaw and folk hero, Rob Roy MacGregor. Born in the nearby village of Glengyle in 1671, Rob Roy became a legendary figure for his daring exploits, acts of defiance against British authorities, and his eventual surrender in 1722. The Lake of Menteith and its surroundings served as a crucial refuge and hideout for Rob Roy and his followers during their many skirmishes with adversaries. Today, the area retains its historic aura, inviting visitors to explore Rob Roy’s lasting legacy in Scotland’s only lake.

Wildlife and Ecology in The Lake of Menteith


The Lake of Menteith is home to a variety of bird species. Many birds can be observed in the surrounding woodland and along the shoreline, creating an ideal location for birdwatching enthusiasts. Examples of common birds found at the lake include waterfowl, such as ducks and geese, as well as waders like lapwings and sandpipers.

Plant Life

Plant life in and around the Lake of Menteith is diverse, with different vegetation types found depending on the surrounding habitat. The island in the lake, Inchmahome, is particularly notable for its ancient trees. Three Spanish chestnuts on the island are listed among Scotland’s top 100 trees, adding to the ecological significance of the area.

In the surrounding woodland and meadows, visitors may find a diverse array of plant species, including wildflowers, ferns, and mosses. These habitats are not only visually appealing but play a crucial role in supporting the wider ecosystem at the Lake of Menteith.

Tourism and Attractions near The Lake of Menteith

Lake of Menteith is a popular tourist destination in Scotland, known for its picturesque scenery and several unique attractions. This section briefly discusses three of the primary attractions in the area: Inchmahome Priory, Lake of Menteith Fisheries, and boat tours.

Inchmahome Priory

Inchmahome Priory is a historic site located on the largest of the three islands in Lake of Menteith. Founded in 1238, this former priory once served as a refuge for Mary Queen of Scots when she was an infant and was also connected to Robert the Bruce. Visitors to Inchmahome Island often remark on the sense of tranquillity emanating from the priory’s evocative ruins.

Lake of Menteith Fisheries

An ideal destination for anglers, Lake of Menteith Fisheries offers the opportunity to fish for rainbow and brown trout in Scotland’s only lake. Fishing is limited to fly fishing from a boat, ensuring that the beautiful surroundings remain undisturbed. This experience is further enhanced by the presence of ospreys, which are attracted to the lake by the fish.

Boat Tours

Boat tours on Lake of Menteith provide a relaxing way to experience the area’s natural beauty and are a popular choice for visitors. Tours may include shore excursions, such as the Private Braveheart & Whisky Country tour from Edinburgh, or full-day tours, like the Loch Lomond, Trossachs, and Stirling Castle tour from Glasgow. Prices for these tours can range from £45.78 per adult.

Other nearby attractions in the vicinity of Lake of Menteith include the Nick Nairn Cook School, Port of Menteith Parish Church, and a selection of outdoor action adventure activities.

Recreation and Activities near The Lake of Menteith


The Lake of Menteith is a popular spot for anglers, especially those interested in fly fishing. Both rainbow and brown trout can be found in the lake, attracting fishing enthusiasts of various skill levels.

It is important to note that only fly fishing from a boat is permitted, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors. The presence of fish also attracts a beautiful variety of bird species, including the osprey, making it a perfect spot for wildlife enthusiasts.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Visitors looking for more active ways to explore the Lake of Menteith can embark on kayaking or canoeing excursions. Paddling along the calm waters offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the picturesque surroundings and discover the nearby islands, such as Inchmahome Island, where the ruins of Inchmahome Priory can be found.

These water-based activities draw people looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, as they offer a chance to immerse oneself in the serene and tranquil atmosphere the lake provides.

Hiking and Wildlife Watching

For those who prefer land-based adventures, there are numerous hiking options around the Lake of Menteith. These trails offer the opportunity to explore the stunning landscapes and get a closer look at the local wildlife. In particular, Bracklinn Falls Bridge and Callander Crags are popular destinations just a few miles away from the lake.

  • Bracklinn Falls Bridge: Located off Bracklinn Road, this destination features a beautiful waterfall and is accessible via a moderate hike.
  • Callander Crags: This spot offers more challenging hikes, rewarding those who venture here with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Whether visitors choose to explore by foot or by water, Lake of Menteith offers a variety of recreational experiences for everyone to enjoy in a peaceful and inspiring setting.

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