ben vorlich loch earn

Ben Vorlich’s Height: 985m & 975m

Summit Grid Reference: NN 629 189 & NN 617 174

Translation: Hill of the Bay & Mountain of Danger

Start Point: Car Park in Ardvorlich at the Southern Shore of Loch Earn

Both Ben Vorlich and Stuc a’ Chroin, belong to the easily accessible Scottish mountains from Stirling, Glagow and Edinburgh and have always been popular among hill walkers. Ben Vorlich and Stuc a’ Chroin are nearly 1000m high and located south of Loch Earn. Climbing these mountain peaks can be quite tough, especially in snowy conditions. Therefore, the name of one peaks is Stuc a’ Chroin which means “Mountain of danger”. Even though it can be difficult to climb the mountains, the effort will be rewarded with great views. On a very clear day it is even possible to see Stirling Castle and Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. As many mountains in the Southern Highlands, also these ones have rocks of the group mica-schist. Their shape and color is common for the area with grassy slopes, rocks, and large cliffs. Most starting points for the hills in the area can be reached from the road. There are five starting and finishing points for the hills in the area. The two starting points to Ben Vorlich are both on the south side of Loch Earn. One of them starts in Ardvorlich and is the easiest route to climb Ben Vorlich. It climbs up the west side of the burn and later leads to the north ridge of Ben Vorlich. In winter the last part of the route can become very challenging because of the snow.Another starting point which is a bit longer is from Edinample. This starting point is suitable for climbing both peaks, Ben Vorlich as well as Stuc a’ Chroin. This path follows the west side of the Burn of Ample. At a height of about 550m it is possible to head to the south to Stuc a’ Chroin or alternatively walk directly to Ben Vorlich by following the main path. No matter from which starting point you walk, it is NOT recommended to take the path to Allt an Dubh Choirein to the corrie between the two peaks because that area is very tough to walk. There is no walking path and it is boggy and quite rocky. Even though both mountain peaks are not the most exciting places for rock climbing, the east side of Stuc a’ Chroin attracts some people for winter climbing. On Ben Vorlich it is the south facing rock near the summit where climbing is possible. Besides Ben Vorlich and Stuc a’ Chroin there are many other hills in the area. The hills in the east of Ben Vorlich are grassy with peat bog and many deer and grouse can be spotted. There are two mountain peaks about 2km from Ben Vorlich, Beinn Each (813m) and Meall na Fearna (809m. In the south 2km from St. Fillan is Bioran (613m) and in the south of Glen Artney is Uamh Bheag (665m). Besides Mountaineering the area offers many other outdoor activities such as fishing, cycling and watersports on Loch Earn which has a busy and popular water sports centre. 

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