Once you have chosen your Bride, popped the question and (most important) been accepted the next major decisions the Groom has to make will include “who will be my Best Man”, “what sort of Stag event do I want” and “will I wear a kilt”, and if yes “which tartan should I choose”

With the Bride (and her family) probably planning most of the wedding ceremony; lets be honest most Grooms are happy to leave the all important decisions on how to dress the Wedding tables and chairs etc. to the bride and brides family!

However, equally important job of arranging the Honeymoon is often given to the Groom. Many people often underestimate the work involved in arranging a Honeymoon and the importance of the short break at the start of what is hoped to be a lifelong relationship. Many couples decide that they cannot afford a Honeymoon, if this is the case have you thought about asking your guests to contribute to a ‘Honeymoon Fund’ or ‘Honeypot’, rather than buying you an unnecessary (and possibly unwanted) gift?

Another important decision the Groom will be involved in are the Vows he and his Bride will make to each other?

Do you and your Bride want to keep your vows short and simple, or will you use this public proclamation of your love for each other to show your friends and family how much you mean to each other. You may also want to include specific religious or cultural traditions in your Wedding Ceremony. 

The Best Man for the job

After ‘popping the question’ this must be the next biggest thing a Groom has to decide on. Do you choose your oldest and dearest friend to be yourBest Man, or a close family member? Most times it is an easy decision on who to ask to be your Best Man. The Best Man has many jobs and responsibilities before, during and after the wedding. One of the main tasks is to arrange the Stag Event on behalf of the Groom and take care of all the arrangements for the groom and guests.

At the wedding, the Best Man will stay with the Groom, ensure he gets there on time and give him moral support. He is also the keeper of the rings and passes them to the celebrant. The Best Man sits at the top table and gives a short speech after the Groom and replies on behalf of the bridesmaids. The Best Man also reads out any telegrams or messages from guests who could not attend. The Best Man with the Maid of Honour, will join the Bride and Groom on the dance floor after the first dance.

To wear a kilt or not

A Scottish Wedding Tradition is for the Groom to wear a Kilt on his Wedding Day. Many will choose to wear their Family Tartan (if they have one), but many will choose to wear a non-specific tartan. Are the rest of the male Bridal party going to wear Kilts and if yes do they wear the same tartan? It is common for the Best Man to wear the same dress as the Groom but if the Best Man has his own tartan he can wear that also.

Most people do not own a Kilt due to the high cost and rather than buying one they will choose to Hire their Wedding outfit.

The perfect stag event

A traditional Stag night involves the Stag (Bridegroom) being taken out the night before his Wedding by a group of male friends to celebrate his last night of freedom. There are many tales of Stags waking in a drunken stupor on the morning of their wedding, with little memory of the night before!

Today, many grooms prefer to have their Stag night well in advance of their Wedding Day and to also extend it into a Stag weekend incorporating group events such as trying various watersports, paintballing, Go Ape, whisky tasting and other masculine pursuits.

Vows that best show your love

There are many vows you can choose from to make to each other on your Wedding Day, and today the word “obey” is hardly used in the Wedding Vows. Whether you choose to have a religious or civil marriage the vows you and your partner make to each other should be carefully chosen, be personal and meaningful. Whilst you may be influenced by others remember it is your day and the start of your life together and should reflect your beliefs and aspirations.

Today it is not unusual for the man to also wear a wedding ring. The wearing of rings is another symbol of your togetherness and you may want them to  match?  Generally speaking the more elaborate the ring the higher the cost. Simple can often be best.

Honeymoon in Scotland or further afield

A Honeymoon doesn’t necessarily need to cost the earth. Your Honeymoon should be something you and your Bride will love and secretly arranging a Honeymoon that only one person in the relationship enjoys is a really bad start to creating a lifelong relationship!

Having a small budget doesn’t necessarily mean not having a Honeymoon; you simply have to put a little more thought into what you can do. If you are planning a Honeymoon in Scotland have you thought about hiring a Motor Home allowing you to tour and see remote parts of Scotland. You could still impress and spoil your Bride by surprising her with stays in Luxury Hotels along the way!