Once you have chosen your Wedding Venue the next major decision you have to make is how the Bride will be collected from her home and taken to the Wedding Ceremony.  Also, which guests will be in the Wedding Parade and what type of vehicles you need for them.

Arrive In Style

How a Bride arrives at her Wedding is one of the most iconic moments of the Wedding Day.  Arguably this is one of the most important parts of the day included with walking up the aisle and the exchanging of vows. Arriving at the Wedding Ceremony can be both a moment of excitement and also a chance for quiet contemplation (thoughtful observation).

Marriage is such an important decision, so perhaps this is why the tradition of the Bride arriving a few minutes arrived late has become an important and expected part of the Wedding Ceremony? A good driver will be able to calm pre-wedding nerves as well as advising the Bride on how to make maximum impact, so bear this in mind when choosing who takes the Bride to one of the most important days of her life.

When choosing your Wedding Transport Supplier ask how many vehicles they have and how many people in total they take.  Do you need all of your guests to be taken from one the Wedding Ceremony to the evening reception and if yes are you arranging a coach for them or are they to make their own way?

Getting There

What would you like to Travel in? Choices can include car, horse drawn carriage and  even a stretch limousine. If you are marrying beside a loch you may even choose to arrive by boat, or if you are marrying on Loch Lomond you could even choose to arrive by Plane!

Who are you arriving with?

Tradition use to dictate that the Bride arrives with her Father, but this may not be available to you or your choice.  Always check how many seats are in your chosen transport as this will dictate who can keep you company on the way to the ceremony.

A glass of bubbly

Would you like a bottle of champagne, flowers or other special extras in your Wedding Carriage? Fancy a glass of wine before the ceremony, remember many registrars and ministers won’t marry you if they can smell alcohol your breath.


Having a small budget does not necessarily mean that you can’t arrive in style to your wedding. If budgets are tight, why not get friends & family to dress their cars with ribbons & be part of the Wedding. If budget is not an option how about renting a vintage Rolls Royce or Horse Drawn carriage?

On the day travel

Most companies will get you to the Church on time (or if you prefer the traditional few minutes late) and then onto your reception. Please make sure your know of the options if you or your guests need to travel from the venue to their accommodation.

Local Accommodation

Not all wedding venues are able to provide accommodation. If you have many guests is there sufficient local accommodation and a local taxi firm to get them back? Remember Trossachs.co.uk has a huge range of Accommodation providers. To make life easy for you and your guest simply use our Accommodation finder.