The villages of Crieff and Comrie are separated by some 7 miles but inevitably a visit to one of these iconic Perthshire towns entails a visit to the other. Crieff in particular is a traditional market town where small scale independent family businesses dominate and give a refreshingly unique atmosphere. 

The region historically is known as Strathearn, and Crieff its capital, alongside Comrie you will find some of Perthshire’s most varied and interesting dining and drinking venues as well as a selection of independent Delicatessens. So if you are a foodie then a visit to this region is a must.

Crieff is home to Scotlands oldest distillery in the form of Glenturret Distillery. This is a distillery that has recently undergone an incredible transformation in gaining it’s independence and has found a new lease of life. It has always been a fantastic distillery venue but even more so today.

The local visitor centre in Crieff is a great venue for lunch but as well as being a local guide to the region is host to the Caithness Glass Visitor Centre. You will discover a unique and hand crafted insight into the making of paperweights and gifts.

Just outside the town centre a very worthwhile trip is to Scotlands oldest lending library dating back to 1680, Innerpeffray Library.  Continual improving and investing in more mini attractions there is a quaint little chapel, a small wildlife walk but the library itself is just a mesmerising place where you could spend weeks perusing the shelves.

En Route to Comrie you will pass Comrie Croft, a venue just crammed with reasons to visit. Initially founded as a simple backpackers biking venue they now host weddings, a lovely cafe and local market shop as well as wonderful walks, cycle tracks an an ever expanding organic fruit, veg and flower garden.

Comrie itself has attractions from wonderful walking, eating and shopping for essentials but our top tip to visit is the Cultybraggan Camp. This is a transforming reinvigoration of an old prisoner of War Camp. You can discover an incredible community of small businesses that have set up shop in these simple little nissan huts and many that are starting to do so even today. But there is plenty of World War history still to discover.

If you are lucky to be in Scotland for Hogmanay, then Edinburgh or one of the other big venues is a great draw for ringing in the bells. The wise amongst us, however, know to head for Comrie and their annual Flambeaux. This is a historic procession of flaming torches through the village and is both a wonderful sight to behold and incredibly unique way to spend the New Year. Who knows you may even bump into Ewan MacGregor, Gerard Butler or the Earl and Countess of Strathearn even! Just a few of the famous faces with strong connections and known to be seen in the area on occasion.