Stronachlachar is a small hamlet that can be found at the far end of Loch Katrine. Historically this was ‘Rob Roy land‘, still standing is Glengyle house originally built by Rob Roy. Stronachlachar has a real sense of ‘splendid isolation’, but in reality is within an hour of Aberfoyle and Callander and is a 5 minute drive from the West Highland way at Inversnaid and the Inversnaid Hotel.

Access to Stronachlachar can be via the main road from Aberfoyle which passes through Kinlochard or on SS Sir Walter Scott which docks daily at the Pier. Alternatively, there is a ‘limited access’ road which runs beside Loch Katrine and is suitable for cycling.

As you cycle along this secluded and peaceful road it is hard to imagine that Loch Katrine has supplied most of Glasgow’s water or that these roads use to be used by four-in-hands the original form of coach travel.

The Stronachlachar Pier tearoom has been operating for 30 years and serves Italian coffee and homemade soups, paninis and baking. Accommodation in this area is mostly on a self-catering basis, the Inversnaid Hotel (Lochs & Glens Holidays) or the Inversnaid Bothy or nearer to Kinlochard.

Whilst Stronachlachar does not have a pub, The Pier Tea Room is fully licenced so diners can enjoy an alcoholic beverage with their meal.

Stronachlachar has the following facilities

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Stronachlachar: A Hidden Gem in Scotland’s Scenic Landscape

Nestled in the heart of Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, the small lochside community of Stronachlachar offers visitors a chance to experience the natural beauty of Scotland. Overlooking the serene waters of Loch Katrine, Stronachlachar is steeped in history and local legend, with connections to the infamous Rob Roy and the impressive engineering feat of the Katrine Aqueduct. Its location and picturesque surroundings make it an ideal destination for those seeking tranquillity, outdoor adventure or a glimpse into Scotland’s past.

The journey to Stronachlachar is an experience in itself, with the scenic 11-mile road from Aberfoyle weaving past Lochs Ard, Chon, and Arklet. Many visitors also opt to arrive by boat from Trossachs Pier, often hiring bikes on-site to explore the area further. Stronachlachar’s proximity to the West Highland Way at Inversnaid allows access to breathtaking hiking trails and the Inversnaid Hotel, perfect for a much-needed respite after a day of exploration.

Whether you plan to stay in one of the welcoming cottages dotting the landscape or simply visit for a taste of peaceful isolation, Stronachlachar offers a blend of outdoor adventure, incredible views, and historical intrigue that leaves a lasting impression on those who venture to this off-the-beaten-path gem in Scotland’s rural heartland.

History of Stronachlachar


Stronachlachar is a small village that offers picturesque views and captivating scenery, located near Loch Katrine in the Trossachs area of Scotland. This area is historically known as “Rob Roy land,” as it was the birthplace of the infamous Rob Roy MacGregor in 1671. Glengyle, located at the head of Loch Katrine, is where Rob Roy’s house still stands today. Rob Roy was known for roaming the area and engaging in the protection of cattle, which resulted in the term “blackmail” being coined.

Significant Events

In the month of the Queen’s Coronation in London, Stronachlachar served as the focal point for all the festivities in the area. The village has seen an array of historical events over the years.

One of the most notable is the construction of the Katrine Aqueduct in the 19th century. This engineering marvel, entirely driven by gravity, transfers pristine drinking water from Loch Katrine and Loch Arklet to the city of Glasgow. The aqueduct has been in use for more than 150 years, providing an essential resource to the people of Glasgow.

Stronachlachar also marks an important point along the Great Trossachs Path, which is a long-distance walking trail offering stunning views of the surrounding area. This trail includes smooth tarmac roads along the shores of Loch Katrine, and walkers can enjoy a serene ambiance while exploring Stronachlachar and its rich history.

Geography and Location

Surrounding Landscape

Stronachlachar is a picturesque village situated in Stirling, Scotland. It lies three miles north of the Dunbartonshire border and was historically in the county of Stirlingshire. The village is nestled within the scenic Trossachs region and boasts stunning views of Loch Katrine. The surrounding landscape is characterised by lush forests, mountains and the beautiful, serene waters of Loch Katrine.

The area is well-known for its connection to the famous Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott who, in 1810, penned the poem “The Lady of the Lake” which was set in the nearby Loch Katrine. This has, in turn, led to an increase in tourism to the region.


Stronachlachar is accessible by road via the A821, which travels around Loch Katrine, affording visitors spectacular views of the lake and its surroundings. Additionally, the Sir Walter Scott Steamship, a regular visitor to Stronachlachar, brings passengers to the village. The steamship first arrived at Loch Katrine in 1900, dismantled for transport by horse and cart from Inversnaid, where she came in sections by boat.

The village offers various outdoor activities for visitors such as walking, cycling and fishing. The area provides a perfect escape from the bustling urban life, allowing people to fully immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of nature.

Attractions and Activities

Outdoor Activities

Stronachlachar is a picturesque lochside community by Loch Katrine in the Trossachs, Scotland. It offers several outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy while taking in the stunning surroundings. Some popular outdoor activities include:

  • Hiking: One of the most popular attractions in the area is Ben Lomond, which offers a spectacular 234-metre-high mountain to explore.
  • Cycling: The spectacular 11-mile road from Aberfoyle passes Lochs Ard, Chon, and Arklet, making it one of the most scenic cycling routes in the National Park. Electric bike tours are also available, such as the Half Day Loch Katrine Explorer Ebike Tour offered by Trossachs Ebike Tours.
  • Boating: Many visitors arrive at Stronachlachar by boat from Trossachs Pier, often bringing bikes to further explore the area.

Historical Sites

In addition to outdoor activities, Stronachlachar also offers historical sites for those interested in learning more about the local history. Some notable sites include:

  • Loch Katrine: A beautiful freshwater loch, named after a pure Medieval Scottish woman, that has served as a source of inspiration for poets and artists for centuries. It’s also a key water supply source for the city of Glasgow.
  • Railway and Transport Attractions: Stirling and Falkirk, near Stronachlachar, have a rich history in rail and transport, offering museums and attractions showcasing the area’s industrial past.

By keeping it brief and highlighting a variety of attractions and outdoor activities, visitors can make the most of their Stronachlachar experience.

Accommodation Options

Hotels and Lodges

Stronachlachar offers a variety of hotels and lodges for travellers to choose from. Among the top hotels is the Tyndrum Lodges in Crianlarich, Scotland, which has room rates starting at £1131. Additionally, the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park is home to the Stronachlachar Lodge. This six-bedroom self-catering lodge is situated on the banks of Loch Katrine and is available for rent, with prices starting at £1,750 per unit per week. Add Lochside House to your list of options, where prices start from £175 per night. Another option is Lochside Apartment, which is available for £956 per night.

Camping and Caravanning

Unfortunately, there is no direct information available about camping and caravanning options in Stronachlachar. We apologise for not having this information available.