blair athol distillery

Whisky Types: Single Malts & Blended Whiskies

Typical Taste: The Single Malts have a fruity flavour with a smooth finish

Situated near Pitlochry in Perthshire is Blair Athol Distillery. The distillery was opened in 1798 by Robert Robertson. The water used for the whisky production is from the Allt Dour Burn. Even though about 90% of the whisky is sold to Bell’s for the production of Blended Whiskies, the whisky is also sold as a single malt. The single malts available are a 8 years, 12 years or 27 years old whisky. The company produces about 2,000,000 litres of whisky. The whisky has a mellow deep-toned fruity aroma with a smooth finish. It is one of the main whiskies for Bell’s Blend which is a popular brand in the UK, Scandinavia and South Africa. Blair Athol Visitor Centre is open all year round. Opening times vary depending on the season. The tours are available from £5. Tours for large groups can be arranged by appointment. Pitlochry is about 25 miles north of Perth and Blair Athol’s Visitor Center half a mile from Pitlochry town centre. Nowadays the visitor centre attracts about 30,000 visitors a year.


  • Blair Athol Single Malt 8 years – Sweet and fruity with hints of smoke
  • Blair Athol Single Malt 12 years (Flora & Fauna) – Full bodied, nutty and spicy
  • Blair Athol Single Malt 1981 – Soft, red fruit, sweet, hints of smoke
  • Bell’s Blended Whisky – Fresh, fruity, spicy, mellow, hints of smoke