oban distillery

Whisky Types: Single Malts and Blended Whisky

Typical Taste: Malty, sweet and rich with hints of sea salt and smoke

Situated in the heart of the beautiful town Oban just next to the coast is the Oban Malt Distillery. A whisky distillery inside a busy town is quite unique in Scotland since most distilleries are located in tranquil areas. Single Malt whisky has been produced in the distillery for more than 200 years which makes it one of the oldest licensed distilleries.

In 1794 the whisky distillery was opened by the two brothers John and Hugh Stevenson. Later in 1866 Peter Cumstie bought the distillery and reconstructed it. However his plans of adding storage buildings couldn’t be realised because 5000 year old archeological excavations stopped the project. Afterwards the distillery was owned by Alexander Edward, then Dewar & Sons and now it is owned by Diageo.

Oban Distillery uses its water from Loch Gleann a’Bherraidh. Because the Malt production of the distillery is closed, the company purchases a slightly peated malt from Roseisle Maltings. The average production is 670,000 litres. Oban whiskies have a quite malty and sweet opening and a rich and sweet taste with hints of sea salt and smoke. Bottles are available as 14 and 32 year old expressions as well as some special editions.

The visitor centre is open throughout most the year but opening times for the whisky tours depend on the season.


  • Oban 14 Year old – Smooth, apple, vanilla, notes of oak
  • Oban 32 Year Old – Fruity, oak, oranges, hints of peat
  • Oban Distillers Edition – Smooth, tobacco, chocolate, peaty
  • Oban 20 Year Old 1984 – Light bodied, fruity, and hints of peat
  • Special editions available