loch earn

Loch Earn’s Dimensions: 10.5km long, 1.2km wide & up to 87m deep

Road Access for Loch Earn: Via the A821

Loch Earn lies between the villages of Lochearnhead and St Fillans in the Central Highlands. The name Loch Earn is thought to mean “Loch of Ireland”, suggesting that it might derive from a time when the gaels were expanding their kingdom. A renowned fishing location, Loch Earn is regularly stocked with brown and rainbow trout; fishing permits which are available from numerous local outlets allow fishing from both the shore and by boat.  Loch Earn unusually has its own ‘tidal system’. This is created by the actions of the prevailing winds blowing alongside the loch which causes the water level to build up at one end of the loch. The resulting currents create turbulence making an interesting sailing and fishing experience! Loch Earn is one of the few lochs that allows a variety of water-sports activities including motorised water activities. It has a huge range and choice of accommodation providers and places to eat alongside its shore. To the south of Loch Earn is Ben Vorlich, at 985m it is a steep sided pyramid shaped peak. Ben Vorlich has spectacular views and is normally climbed in conjunction with Stuc a’ Chroin another Munro (975m) just to the south.

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